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Photos and photo editing from the Inks + Thread Lookbook is now up on my site! Check the first tile under Creative Work.

In other news: we went to Florida for a week, slept 11 hours each of the seven nights we were there and I ran every single day. We had a fantastic fried seafood platter the first day, Cuban the next, on the third day I walked around the neighborhood mapping the plants and fruit that I'd come back to liberate when it got dark, and by the fourth day I had found my organic grocery store where I went for coffee each morning. The sixth and seventh day were hectic beach visiting and running. It was incredible, 85 degrees and smelled totally different than it does in the summer. There's something very empty about Florida winter. Oh - and we drove. Thirteen hours there, thirteen-ish hours back, one scream fight in dense, dark fog outside of Atlanta and then we arrived home and went to bed within an hour of being back.

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Holiday update

I decided to put my website on my Facebook page. 43 people now have access to a website that I have not updated in a year and thus became the inspiration for this post: going to blogs that haven't had an update in months or years is eery and I don't want to freak people out during the Holidays.

Here's a small project from work. Maggie of Smart Furniture and Inks + Threads fame asked me if I'd like to do a wrapping collaboration. Yes, of course. However I ran into the issue of having ample material for this project and no real justification to start it based on my company's customer's spending habits. You should see their response to this wrapping project; it's pretty underwhelming. Our demographic is just way more into Starbucks-themed toddler hairbows than "foraged greenery." Which is understandable - my interests lie somewhere in between those two things.

I just realized all these photos have a blue cast to them. Thanks Retina Screen.

In other news - I do not understand how anyone in the History of Ever has ever purchased a house. I still seriously don't believe I will ever close on it. I had to send the loan agency a photo of my uncle's drivers license last week... ? Also: we listened to Serial Podcast. The other night I was walking out of living room with my back to the fireplace and Christmas Tree and the thought hit me with total horror - what if he did do it? I had probably not actually believed up until that moment that it was possible. On a related note: we're going as Ira Glass and Sarah Koenig for Halloween next year because Ken does a spot-on Ira Glass and I'll have a year to get a good Sarah Koenig down. So it's either that or Linda and Bob from Bob's Burgers (way less heady, way more fun probably.)

That's obviously not all but I'm on the clock so my life is currently not my own and belongs to the bow industry.  And it's our Secret Santa day at work so I have to go dig a bottle of Makers Mark out of my car and wrap it hastily for my coworker who ... does not love me but will love his gift.

almost a year later, here we are.

I can't even begin to catch up to a year of blog silence in photos. Suffice to say, here's instagram - we got engaged, bought a house (or are buying it?), I got a new job (!), went to San Francisco and worked a LOT. But by far the biggest, most exciting developments were the personal ones :)  The new house is amazing, 84 years-old, and I'm probably sounding so positive about it right now because it got a major cleaning yesterday. Usually, I think about dog hair and chipping paint and deflate a little. But not today :) That house is all shiny floors and laundry smells. 

Since I cannot do a year of happenings any justice, here are some photos from a few weekends ago. We had, and usually have, the most awesome Saturdays when we go adventuring around the neighborhood. I don't think we left our home's 10 mile radius this day, but it was amazing. Visited a downtown farm, spent way too long with their geese (too long in geese-time is when you realize you hate the noise they're making and it heavily outweighs how funny they look making it), ate homemade tamales (homemade = me), and generally did things we do not normally do. i.e., we weren't on our phones or computers all day. 

These geese looked like dinosaurs to me. See: next two pics. Very velociraptor.  

Look at that goose smile :)

Then scroll up and look at those gaping goose mouths and imagine that every time you make a noise, they cut you off with a chorus of honks. There's like 5 iphone vidoes of us trying to talk over the geese. We spent probably 20 minutes with them. This is a conservative amount of goose pics compared to how many I *may* have taken... 

My man in the center is screaming from the bottom of his oranged, webbed toes. 

One summer, possibly 10 years ago *shudder* I lived on a half-ass farm for a few months with no car and no idea what I was doing there. I had totaled my car during the summer on the trek from Chattanooga to North Carolina and mysteriously, for reasons I can't remember, decided to stay carless in North Carolina rather than just come home to Chattanooga and live with my family. I spent the remaining 3 weeks between summer and the start of school just ... sitting. Outside. In the driveway of the farm where my friends lived in the old three-bedroom brick house, reading A Year in Provence between two beach chairs next to a lovely drainage ditch that was overgrown with jewelweed and watercress. This farm, Crabtree Farms, reminded me fondly of my temp home in North Carolina. But retrospect is so golden - my life is currently so much better than it was that summer when I was eighteen and had truly nothing to propel me forward to an ambitious future or hold me back and make me work. Unrelated note: A Year in Provence kicks ass. I'm so glad I read it. It helped me view my aimlessness as ennui or some other interesting thing that isn't just summer unemployment. I am nostalgic for that book and even a small bit, the circumstances in which i read it. But definitely the book, which is fabulously slow and light. 

saturday edits (11 of 27).jpg
saturday edits (13 of 27).jpg

Part of the reason we visited Crabtree Farms was to inspect an unbuilt building on the property. Ken and I hoped to be able to have our wedding here but any wedding-booking is pending a finished construction date on this one little building. I can't get into my frustration over it - they're a farm, they have more important things happening than my wedding - but suffice to say, no dice. 

I had never been to the farm although I heard about it for years because of their CSA campaigning. My favorite bakery in Chattanooga displayed their posters and, like everyone else who cooks, I'd look at the CSA sign-up every year and think "I really REAALLY should do this."

When I finally visited, it was a very last-minute decision and it was not at all food or wedding-related. A friend of mine had this gorgeous private party for a bunch of like-minded Chattanooga ladies and it was *incredible* - despite the heat and my exhaustion from having worked a fair at 8am that morning, it was just... THE thing. The photos are amazing. Because the event was amazing. 

Behold: the building that stands between me and this great wedding AND Ken's appropriately dejected posture. Jk. Sorta. 

After trying some paletas from the farm and an appropriate amount of sweating, we went home to go into a pleasant afternoon stupor. Me and the dog on the bed re-watching Outlander, Ken around the house alternating between twitter, video games, photo editing and afternoon beers.

My favorite room in our new house was my favorite room the first time I walked through. I loved its walls and color, even though the color is different and the space feels entirely more full than it did that first bright, airy afternoon I visited the empty house that would be ours one month later.

This is our bedroom. 

saturday edits (22 of 27).jpg

That's Lu's once-a-week bed visit. She love/hates it.  After she gets set up with her own blanket and a good spot for lounging, she inevitably wants to get back down to go look for smells and noises around the unfamiliar house. There's much crying and conflict of interests - stay in coveted bed vs. what if there's a cockroach in the kitchen? Dog problems. There's a lot of squealing and squirming and emphatic dog signs before she finally lunges off the bed to then sit in the hallway and stare at me, regretting her decision. Then she gets hauled back up and we start over again 10 minutes later.

And finally: tamales. I made them for us this past Christmas because I mostly just wanted the challenge and partially thought they'd make Ken's first-holiday-away-from-family feel better. I made them this time for his birthday - happy birthday bb :) 

saturday edits (27 of 27).jpg
saturday edits (26 of 27).jpg

That is that <3

things i'm making this week

and laaaaaast week.  

After putting up Papercuts I determined that I needed to keep making replacement prints for the ones that would sell. These always look so nice before they are glued down. 

 I do not usually draw houses. This is what happened after much. much. much. tracing. It went over GREAT and I kinda LOVED it in my house. 

This week was all handwriting practice in some form or another. Cutting letters or tracing lines or playing with calligraphy nibs. 


So my sister got a puppy. A cavapoo. His name is Francis Lewis Henley and he's perfect. We've been calling him St. Francis and Prancis.  

I like everything about Francis. I wish all my work were Francis-related. I'd be ALL OVER the internet, getting checks from everywhere, making amazing design work etc. etc. 

Behold: Francis


francis fuji 800z (6 of 8).jpg


Does anyone actually know how to do this? Probably you shouldn't let the tip to your only (non-interchangeable) pen rust. And break. Mid-writing.  

calligraphy (2 of 4).jpg

Good luck to me and my calligraphy efforts! When I was in 5th grade I purchased a book and calligraphy kit and that has been a surprisingly life-long thing I taught myself to do.  I also had (as an 11 year old) my own subscription to a very comprehensive landscaping magazine put out by Lowes Home Improvement. I'm like a flower-name Rainman. 

I need more calligraphy instruction. And a new pen now. (Michaels coupons came in this morning AAAYYYEEEEEE).